Norway has one of the world’s fastest growing Startup Ecosystems today.
There is a thriving environment of founders, investors and public support.
At the same time there is a huge untapped resource of experienced people between
50 – 100 years of age.


50 to 100 is a network that will be a part of unleashing a huuuge pool of knowledge, network and experience to boost dedicate the unused resources (human and financial) to solve the problems we face and thereby make the world a better place.

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The experienced and competent group of people over 50 is an untapped source of
resources we cannot risk wasting. This group hold the knowledge and wisdom to help
solving the problems we need to solve in the world today. In many ways mature people are
more innovative than the younger, and according to a study of all businesses launched in the
U.S. between 2007 and 2014, a 50-year-old founder is 1.8 times more likely than a 30-year-
old founder to create one of the highest growth firms.


SISU Business
Kristin Langnes

Kristin builds entrepreneurs parallel with developing business idéas for sustainable business. Her main focus is the resource wave of people at the age of 50 – 100 and how to activate us within the startup ecosystem.

Mads Paulsen-Haaland

After many years of experience in establishing pharmacy chains, Mads wanted to use his experience and knowledge to build a business with a focus on helping start-ups. Get Started! has since grown and today also works with corporate start-ins and investors as well. Co-Founder of 50 – 100.

Acini Kapital
Carsten Hjelde

Carsten is principal of Acini Capital, a family owned impact investment company. He is focused on education, utilisation of human and material sources, and climate action. Carsten is the Founder of 2X Education, a Non Profit for vocational training. He is Chairman of CodersTrust, educating programmers. Co-Founder of 50 – 100.

Pangea Accelerator
Jonas Tesfu

Jonas is a strong voice in the Norwegian and Kenyan startup scene. He currently works with 70+ African tech companies based out of the Pangea accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya. A life-long entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience with building startups in the Tech sector, food industry and fashion business.

Upcoming network events

3. DECEMBER 2019
Møt oppstartsbedrifter
Hvilke roller kan du ta?
I Kjellerbaren i Kongens gate 11 i Oslo fra 17-19.30.

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The upcoming events will be held in Norwegian.

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